COVID Testing and PPE Products

COVID-19 is a potentially deadly disease that transmits easily and spreads quickly because it’s a respiratory infection. To keep yourself and your employees safe, you need to invest in personal protective equipment (PPE) and COVID testing products that will make a difference. Stay compliant with regulations and decrease the chance of losses when you make an order for PPE products.

Why PPE Products?

Personal protective equipment is designed to keep people safe, but not all PPE is effective against every disease. At Butler Medical Supplies, INC., we supply PPE that can combat COVID as well as other potential infections when used correctly.

Our TOWL surface disinfectant wipes kill germs, whereas our medical face masks keep them out of your employees’ lungs, as well as prevent the wearer from spreading germs to others as easily. We offer a variety of surgical and exam gloves in both non-latex and neoprene options, as well as some special features such as cut resistance.

We also carry a number of medical-specific supplies, such as fitted sheets for EMS cots and medical bouffant caps, gowns, and shoe covers. Whatever PPE supplies you need, whether for COVID or general use, call us at (800) 460-2902 to see what we can offer.

Why COVID Tests?

COVID testing is an important part of infection control. By regularly testing employees, especially those who are unvaccinated or those who have a known exposure to COVID-19, you can effectively contact trace and stamp out a possible super-spreader event before it begins.

With both PPE products and regular COVID testing, your employees will be grateful that you are keeping them safe, and even your bottom line may see positive results. With fewer employees getting sick in the first place or stressing about the possibility, you’ll likely enjoy higher overall productivity and fewer employees on leave.

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