Clarity Urinalysis Controls


Clarity CLA-UHCRL25 Urinalysis controls contain 1 vial of 25 ML positive control solution and 1 vial of 25 ML negative control solution. They are for use with Clarity Platnium 10 Parameter Urine Reagent Strips (CLA-10P) and Clarity Microalbumin Creatinine strips (CLA-MAC). Made in USA

Contains: 1x25mL bottle of positive control, 1x25mL bottle of the negative control. Product insert

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  • 22-Month Shelf Life
  • Easy-to-Use Dropper Bottles
  • Barcode Programmed with Lot Number and Expiration Date for Accuracy and Compliance
  • Intended for use with Clarity Platinum Urinalysis 10 Parameter Strips and Clarity Visual Read Microalbumin/Creatinine Strips Only
  • Detects 10 Parameters present in Urine Sample

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