Control Menstrual Cramp Cream All Natural 3oz


The pain relief cream is designed specifically for menstrual cramps. This FDA-cleared topical cream, when applied, seeks out and calms the nerves that cause menstrual discomfort. Inspired by women, made for women.

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  • Immediate Relief & Long Lasting
  • Rapidly Absorbed without Residue
  • It can Be Compression Wrapped
  • Site Specific
  • Physician Approved

CONTROL® is a topical cream that was specifically formulated to quickly relieve the pains related to menstrual cramping. Control goes on easily, absorbs quickly into the skin, and goes directly to the pain area to provide long-lasting relief. Women of all ages can now get pain relief in just minutes without the side effects or dangers associated with taking oral drugs.

Physicians, OBGYN’s, physical therapists, occupational therapists, and certified athletic trainers trust CONTROL Menstrual Cramp Relief to provide immediate relief for women suffering from painful menstrual and period cramps in the lower abdomen, lower back, and shoulder

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