SR241 Portable Infant/Adult Weighing System Scale


The SR241 Portable Infant/Adult Scale is a unique portable scale system that offers the versatility of being able to weigh infants, toddlers, and adults on one lightweight and moisture-resistant system.

Weighing in at a mere seven pounds, this scale is perfect for visiting nurse applications. Its sturdy construction and inherent durability also lend itself well for use in a pediatrician or physician offices.


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  • Light Weight - Weigh only 7 pounds. Built-in carrying handle
  • Heavy Duty - Injection molded out of high strength. impact resistant plastic
  • Weather Tight - The entire scale is designed with the visiting nurse in mind. So a little rain or snow is just fine.
  • Easily Cleaned - There are no hidden crevices or dirt-catching seams. The entire scale can easily be cleaned to mitigate cross-contamination issues and ensure your safety as well.
  • 2-4-1 - 2 scales 4 the price of 1. Weigh both adults and infants on the same scale.
  • Weigh babies up to 44 pounds and adults up to 400 pounds. The removable tray separates the adult weight surface from the baby weighing surface.
  • Battery Power - A single 9vDC alkaline battery provides up to 3000 weight cycles.
  • Carrying Case*

*May have optional equipment - see product brochure for details

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