SR416i Patient Floor Scale


The SR416i Patient Floor Scale is a sleek, innovative scale that provides years of reliable service and accurate weight data.

Designed for virtually effortless patient standing comfort, the low-profile and ultra-wide scale is ideal for surgical centers, telehealth applications, and other healthcare settings where a basic, reliable weighing solution is needed. The large, easy-to-stand-on platform measures 23″ W x 15″ L and supports patients up to 880 Lbs. With its always-on AC power supply and integrated display, the Model SR411i is ready whenever you need to weigh a patient.


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  • Contains antimicrobial technology for powerful, continuous product protection against bacteria.
  • Solid Cast Aluminum Construction - Durable, stable, and easy to clean.
  • Low Profile design - Easy and safe access to weighing surface.
  • Ultra-wide base - Unique, beveled edges slope upwards to a large, comfortable stand-on base that easily accommodates larger patients. The entire top of the scale is part of the weighing surface.
  • Memory Recall - Automatically stores the last stable weight.
  • Built-in Display - Integrated, easy-to-read large digital readout.
  • EHR/EMR ready - Serial data output can be used to communicate with electronic health records through send or get commands.
  • AC Powered - Never worry about replacing batteries. The AC adaptor ensures constant power for always ready usage.
  • Optional Equipment - Wall Mounted Height Rod Bluetooth enabled output (factory option).

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