Surgical N95 Respirator


1 Qty = 300 Mask Per Case

The blox Surgical N95 Respirators are NIOSH-approved and designed for long-wear comfort. Respirators are cleared for medical and healthcare settings and meet the CDC guidelines for RB exposure and control. Designed and manufactured in the USA by ivWatch, LLC.

Disposable, single-use only
Respirator Size: Standard size fits most
Respirator Style: Flat fold
Respirator Color: Available in white
Made in the USA

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  • >99% filtration efficiency
  • Pleated design for easy breathing and a spacious feel
  • Adjustable, contourable nosepiece for a custom fit
  • Foldable design flexes with movement while talking
  • Dual elastic headbands provide a comfortable and secure seal
  • 360 seal that fits a variety of faces
  • Respirators are compliant to biocompatibility, flammability, and fluid resistance standards blox products have been third party tested by Nelson Labs and Pacific Biolabs
  • Each lot of respirator are certified by the vQuality system to prevent counterfeiting and verify performance

Blox Surgical N95 Respirator Technical Specification Sheet

Intended Use: This Surgical N95 Respirator is a single-use disposable device intended to be worn by operating room personnel and other healthcare workers to protect the professional and the patient by reducing the exposure to airborne contaminates, and the transfer of microorganisms, body fluids, and particulates.


  • Respirators conform to recognized standards for biocompatibility, flammability, and fluid resistance.
  • Nelson Lab Testing Results:
    • Fluid resistant up to 160 mmHg per ASTM F1862
    • Inhalation resistance (complete respirator): 7.3 (mm H2O)
    • Exhalation resistance (complete respirator): 9.4 (mm H2O)
    • Flammability rating: Class 1 per 16 CFR 1610


  • Outer splash layer: Spunbond polypropylene (50 gsm)
  • Second splash layer: Spunbond polypropylene (25 gsm)
  • Filter: Meltblown polypropylene (30 gsm)
  • Next-to-skin layer: Spunbond polypropylene (25 gsm)
  • Elastic headbands: Elastic (stretch nylon & lycra) - 0.8 to 1.5 lbs. of force at 200% elongation
  • Nose wire: 23 gauge soft annealed carbon steel
  • Not made with natural rubber latex

Contraindications: This device is not designed, sold, or intended for use except as indicated. Not for use with beards or other facial hair that prevents direct contact between the face and the sealing surface of the respirator.

Warning: When worn properly, this Surgical N95 Respirator helps reduce exposure to certain airborne particles but does not eliminate exposure to or the risk of contracting any disease or infection. Before use, the wearer must read and understand the instructions provided. Misuse may result in sickness or death.